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France vacation rentalWelcome to this website about France vacation and tourism in France. Our aim is to fill a gap in the Web by giving you the information required to plan a France vacation. Although other websites offer information about this country, it is often incomplete and, consequently, it is not of much help to those who want to know this wonderful tourist destination deeply. Since it is highly unlikely that a person can allocate time to travel France from one end to the other, we will provide information about all its possible tourist options for you to choose and plan ahead which places to go to. Thus, you can dedicate each of them the time necessary to really appreciate them.

Plan your France vacation - People who do things in a hurry often end up enjoying not a single place. We think it is better to choose just two or three places and enjoy them in a relaxed way. Now, for you to be able to do this, we offer this series of sections which will help you plan a perfect vacation. To start with, a brief account of the history of France. Then, in the section Paris, we will talk about the best sights in this city. In Main cities, we will focus on the best tourist destinations in France and their particular characteristics. In Tourist attractions, we will describe and locate the main sights, such as famous monuments, castles, museums and nature’s wonders. In Gastronomy, we will go over some of the delicious traditional dishes of French cuisine. Finally, if you want an easy time while on vacation, you must take a look at Accommodation and transportation.

In short, our website will allow you to work out a detailed France vacation plan in a pleasant way. This is a guarantee that you and those who accompany you will enjoy a perfect trip in which stress and difficulties will be absent. France is a marvelous country full of wonderful places worth visiting. However, we insist on this: the only way to appreciate each region, city, monument, or even its cuisine, is taking your time to delight in them instead of running a race against time. After all, the goal is to have a really good time and forget stress and routine. For our part, we will try to help as much as we can. Good luck!

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