Traditional French bedroom · November 22, 2021

How to decorate a bedroom in French country style

How to decorate a bedroom in French country style?

If you are considering decorating your bedroom in a French Country style, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Although this style is beautiful, it can also feel very one-dimensional. In order to make the look more dynamic and eclectic, you can mix and match pieces that are similar to the style and incorporate modern materials. For example, you can use a rustic wood-leg bench with a tufted top and dreamy fur pillows to bring in a variety of textures. You can also add a stylish tray to add an extra touch of texture to your room.

Mismatched pieces

When decorating a bedroom in French country style, you can use mismatched pieces to create a unique look. You can use worn furniture and vintage pieces to add a unique twist to your room. If you’re not sure what kind of furniture to get, consider picking up pieces from a thrift store.

Choose muted dusky colors. These colors will add an aged look to the room. Consider blush pinks, peaches, duck egg blues, sage green, cream, and light greys. You can also use white to refresh the decor. If you choose a color that’s too neutral, white will help break it up.

French country decor is often characterized by layers of pillows and other accessories. A soft color palette will help keep the room serene, while a wicker headboard or a weathered ceiling treatment will add texture to the room. You can also add formal elements to the bedroom by using statuesque lamp bases.

Natural materials

One of the easiest ways to decorate a bedroom in the French country style is by incorporating natural materials. This style features light and neutral colors and is often characterized by wooden furnishings and accents. The use of natural materials in a room adds a warm and relaxing feel. Using natural materials in a room also provides the opportunity to use more colorful accents.

Natural materials are an essential part of French Country style. These include heavily beamed ceilings, rough painted walls, and carved wood details. Natural stone floors are often covered with rugs made of wool or cotton. Another essential element is a stone fireplace. Without it, no French Country room is truly complete.

Window treatments are a great way to add softness and create a tranquil sanctuary. Soft, pleated linen curtains can add warmth, texture, elegance, and timelessness. Chandeliers are another great option for completing the French country look. There are several types of chandeliers available, from rustic to delicate. You can also add a subtle touch of silver or gold with sparkling lighting fixtures or mirrored picture frames.

Neutral color palette

If you’re planning to decorate your bedroom in the French country style, you’ll need to select a neutral color palette. Using neutrals will ensure that your room’s color scheme complements the rest of the room’s decor. For a bedroom, this means using shades of cream, buttery yellow, and earthy ocher. These hues will be soft, soothing, and comfortable. You can also add varying accents of lighter or darker shades of these colors for added visual interest.

To make your room look more welcoming, consider incorporating the toile pattern. This pattern is commonly found on a variety of fabrics. It adds visual interest to the neutral color scheme and complements the style’s other simplified textures. Toile patterns also go well with floral prints.

A French country style bedroom should be made from warm, light colors. A neutral color palette is the best choice for this type of design. Lighter shades, such as beige or lilac, are often combined with a few accent colors. You can also add accents in the form of potted plants and birdcages.


Adding mirrors to a room can help give it a classic and luxurious look. They can also add storage space. This is a great option if you don’t have closets or drawers in your room. You can paint them to match the rest of the room, and add shelves or drawers to them for added storage space. You can also use mirrors as a focal point.

Mirrors add a touch of French style to a room. In addition to being functional, they can also add a sense of coziness and a relaxing atmosphere. The dressing area is a great place to include mirrors. For a more personal touch, use vases and artwork to add character and charm to your room. You can even add fresh flowers to the room for an extra touch of nature.

Using a toile pattern in your decor is a great way to give your room a French Country look. The French love to mix vintage pieces with modern elements. You can mix and match pieces to create the perfect look for your bedroom.


To decorate a bedroom in the French country style, choose furniture and accessories that have a traditional feel. For instance, white furniture with soft fabrics is a great choice. It makes the room feel warm and inviting while maintaining a sense of elegance. Bedding with different shades of white is also a good idea to create a unique look.

Wallpaper can also add a touch of French style to a bedroom. Choose pale colors and European-themed wallpaper, but don’t be afraid to add unique prints. You can even go for a decorative canopy to complete the look. If you’re not sure what type of wallpaper to use, check out Decor Pad’s feature on wallpaper.

Distressed furniture is also a major part of the French country style. Look for an old, antique piece that has been refinished or painted. This will add a rustic yet refined look to your bedroom. You can also add touches of silver or gold. Mercury glass candlesticks or a gilded headboard are a great way to add a touch of bling.

Paneled walls

If you want your bedroom to have a French country style feel, you might want to consider painting the walls with panelling. It can add instant lift to flat walls and will create shadow and light. The woodwork can be painted the same colour as the walls to create a warm, cosy feel.

Another popular French Country pattern is toile, which is a classic French design. This pattern has a romantic feel and can be found on a variety of furniture items. One famous example of this design is the Chateau de Morsan, a fortress in Normandy. The French Country style bedroom at the Chateau features a red and white floral pattern and a sage green wall.

You can create a similar mood in your bedroom by selecting bedding and fabrics with floral prints. Then, you can highlight the timber beams with the use of a bed canopy or floral bedding. Alternatively, you can use floral prints on the bed to give it a bohemian, Gustavian feel.

Raised bolection moldings

Raised bolection moldings are one way to add a French country touch to a bedroom. Often left natural, this type of molding is often paired with exposed hand-hewn timber construction. Their shapes are characterized by voluptuous curves. The style is reminiscent of rural French chateaux and manor homes from the 1600s and 1700s. It is also popular in areas such as Brittany and Normandy.

This bedroom features a mix of contemporary and traditional elements, but it remains true to the French Country style. The ornately carved wooden headboard and vintage side chair create a classic French country look. A white side lamp and a leopard-print pillow add modern touches, while the artwork atop the headboard offers an interesting play on art.

A French country bedroom uses a muted color palette, often a blend of dusky and aged colors. The best colors for the room are creams, pale yellows, and blush pinks. However, the style is also compatible with many other color schemes, such as gingham checks and chinoiserie.

Paneled ceilings

French country style bedroom decor begins with the furnishings. Paneled ceilings and walls, tufted furnishings, and chintz textiles are all part of the French country look. Paneled ceilings in this style bedroom make the room appear warm and inviting. Choosing the right bedding is essential to achieve this look, but don’t be afraid to mix things up. For instance, a muted dusky pink color combined with a white comforter and white bed sheets will give the room a more elegant, aged look.

A French country bedroom can be as elegant or as casual as you like. You can incorporate wrought-iron details to tie the room together, as well as vintage elements. A picnic-basket-style storage box or a bird cage-shaped iron chandelier will add to the elegance.

A French country bedroom may have paneled ceilings and textured carpets, but there are other elements that make the space feel more inviting. For example, a French style bedroom may feature a four-poster bed with intricate vine detail that looks like a fantasy model. In addition, silver-gilt bedside tables match the curved bench at the foot of the bed. A cove lighting fixture at the head of the bed creates a focal point above a recessed ceiling. The room also features a classic silver dressing table. The space opens up to floor-to-ceiling windows, which are outfitted with sheer lace curtains and draped valance curtains.