Traditional French bedroom · February 4, 2022

What do French women wear to bed

What do French women wear to bed?

French women are known for their modesty and subtle sexiness. They avoid revealing too much of their body at one time. Instead, they prefer to cover up both sides of their bodies. They wear long, wide pants and wraps to hide their upper body. In addition, they don’t bare too much of their cleavage.

French women dress in a neutral palette

The French have a way of dressing up their clothes so effortlessly that they are known for being sartorial geniuses. This undone style puts them in a class of their own and the rest of the world is trying to imitate their looks. One of their key secrets is wearing neutral colors.

French women are known for their neutral wardrobes and their ability to pair neutral pieces with colorful accessories. Moreover, they are not afraid to mix and match pieces from their closets. Since the clothes in the French style are typically neutral, it is hard to make a fashion mistake.

They prefer cashmere pants to leggings

Many French women don’t wear leggings to bed, preferring fitted joggers or cashmere pants instead. These high-quality pants are both comfortable and stylish, and are perfect for lounging at home. Here are a few tips to find the perfect pair of lounge pants.

They wear loungewear to bed

In the 1940s, loungewear gained momentum and was considered a good category for experimentation. Women were encouraged to show their personal tastes and incorporate both historic and fantastical elements in their loungewear. The result was a wide range of styles and colors. A few decades later, loungewear continues to be a popular trend.

French women wear loungewear to bed in a variety of styles. A popular style is the silky camisole. This comfortable top can be worn under a cashmere cardigan or sweatshirt. It adds a feminine touch to a daytime look and is a good alternative to a basic t-shirt.

French women invest in quality pieces, which allow them to relax more comfortably and look fabulous at the same time. Their loungewear is made with more luxurious fabrics and fewer pieces. They also opt for joggers that fit snugly, silky robes, and slips that feature knitwear.

They take good care of their skin

French women take excellent care of their skin, especially when going to bed. The beauty regime that they use is simple and consistent. They do not use elaborate products, but they do change their routine according to the season and their skin type. Unlike American women, the French approach to beauty is more preventative than reactive.

They moisturize their skin after showering using dry oils. Many lotions contain water and evaporate throughout the day, leaving the skin dry when they go to bed. However, oils penetrate deeper and moisturize for longer. This is because oils have fewer artificial ingredients than lotions. Lotions need emulsifiers to help them sink into the skin. Natural oils do not contain mineral oil and are gentler on the skin.

French women apply moisturizing cream on their face before going to bed. Their daily skincare routine begins when they are around 12 or thirteen. They also use mineral water spray, which is said to moisturize the skin. French women begin this routine at a very early age. They believe that skincare is more important than makeup. They also know that thick foundation clings to lines and wrinkles and ages the skin. Instead of applying foundation, they use mascara, lip gloss, and quality concealer. In addition, they avoid over-the-top eye makeup, opting for a subtle look that is dressed down by a messy hairstyle.